About Our Rivalry

The Easton, PA vs. Phillipsburg, NJ rivalry is legendary, and a real American tradition. As one of the longest running high school rivalries, the annual Turkey Day face-off extends way beyond the field, the coaches, and the schools.

For more than 100 years, these two towns separated by a river, a state line, and a loyalty to their respective teams come together with the same goal.

WE MUST WIN the Forks of Delaware trophy and secure bragging rights for our community or it's gonna be a long winter!

Series Stats







By the Numbers

  1. 1905 Birth of a Rivalry
  2. 1916 Inaugural Thanksgiving Day Game Tradition
  3. 1926 First game played at Lafayette College Fisher Field
  4. 1946 Record 23,000 spectators
  5. 1988 First nationally televised high school football game on ESPN
  6. 2006 Centennial game televised on ESPN2
  7. 2018 112th Anniversary