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No matter what happens on the field Thanksgiving Day (because you already know that YOUR team is gonna win!), you can secure bragging rights for your school.

Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, alumni, or simply a devoted hometown fan - this is your chance to really show your team spirit, psych up your players, and establish your school's spirit superiority.

The school with the most entries, votes, shares will not only reign supreme, but have the honor of presenting a charitable donation to this year's designated non-profit, Battle Borne.

Stand-out entries will be displayed on the Jumbotron during the big game!

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About Battle Borne:

Mission: We help Veterans connect with Resources in their Community on their Journey in Recovery. For more information, go to wearebattleborne.com

Every day, 22 Veterans commit suicide due to post-combat psycho-social issues. More than 20% of post 9/11 Veterans alone suffers from PTSD. The consequences include debilitating anxiety, night terrors, fear of public places, overwhelming anger, substance abuse, and suicide.

Battle Borne is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the Lehigh Valley.

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Battle Borne

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