Privacy Policy

What information do you share?

We will not share any individualized data from each account with any third party. How is that for simple? We will share aggregated data of the users with our sponsors, for example: total users, demographic breakdowns of users, use trends, total votes, entries, and geographical data. This list is not everything but, once again, nothing we share will allow a sponsor or school to identify a particular user - well except that selfie you submitted to the contest but I would hope you figured that part out!  In addition, if you opt in for notification from us and/or our sponsors we will provide your email address accordingly.

What information do you collect?

All data collected by Swayfield/ will be used to improve our tools, systems, and website. When you authenticate with social media we receive the following data from your social media provider: name/user name, gender, country, time zone.  Twitter also provides, followers, number of favorited posts, profile color, image, and background settings. Instagram also tells us if your account is a business account and your bio.

When you visit the website we collect and retain your IP address as well as geolocate IPs.  This helps us learn where are users are coming from and better our business (more on that below). The geolocation tells us what country, states, and city you were in when you accessed the site. This also helps us spot fraudulent users.  We also use cookies to make your use of the site more convenient so we can remember you when you come back (we aren’t good at remembering faces I guess).

We will not distribute this information to any third party and all records of this contest will be scrubbed, including the collected data, two (2) years after the end of of the contest.

How do you use this information?

We use your information to improve our site. We do this in a number of ways. First, we gather information on the performance of the site on various operating systems, browsers, etc. to determine where to spend our efforts on improvements or functionality changes. Second, and most importantly, we use all the information we collect to create a better experience for our users - you! With a greater understanding of our user-base we can offer contests, sponsors, and prizes that you will love.

We also use this information for future selling contests to schools and sponsors. All data used in our business endeavors will be aggregated to show future users of the platform the level and type of participation. Standard demographic categories will be used when available but not in such a manner that would allow any third party to identify any individual users.